Service interruption [07/12/2010]

The ARTHOST servers have been interrupted from 08:10 - 12:05 GMT (07/12/2010) due to a PDU-failure. The power distribution was interrupted, and that automatically shut our server down. ARTHOST has checked for any inconsistencies in the server hardware, and concluded that the RAID-controller protected the disks from any data corruption.Our provider ... Read More »

7th Nov 2010
Probleme server

Stimati clienti, In cursul zilei de 19 Septembrie, autorul unui exploit pentru vulnerabilitatea Kernel Linux 64biti "CVE-2010-3081", a facut public un anunt prin care avertiza ca exista un alt exploit si ca sursa acestuia este publica, facand, in acest fel, facila exploatarea si ca majoritatea echipamentelor pe 64biti Linux sa fie vulnerabile ... Read More »

20th Sep 2010
Give another contact solution: Live CHAT

From today another contact solution for our clients is Live CHAT.

9th Jul 2010
Start the new Name Server 3 located in Frankfurt Germany

Today started the new Name Server 3 located Frankfurt Germany.

For all our customers with name servers administered by themselves if you want you can configure the new name server.

The IP of new name server is93.186.164.206

The hostname of server:

26th Dec 2009
cPanel Flash Tutorials

Today put the cPanel Flash Tutorials for all clients.

12th Nov 2009
We are pleased to announce that all our servers installed today - Softaculous

For our clients we implemented and now I open to public in cPanel the Softaculous software to assist our clients who do not want to install software manually. Want to install and automatic configuration from control panel.

3rd Nov 2009
From now on all our servers have backups weekly, monthly

Now all our server have backups weekly, monthly.

If you have problem please contact the support and said what backup you want to restore or give you.

Thank you.

2nd Jul 2009
Our support system is upgraded

Our support system is upgraded at a new model of support system.

Please verify your client account informations and products.

Thank you.

19th Jun 2009
For all clients with name servers ns1.arthost and


Please update all domains with name servers and and put the new name servers and 

Thank you.

1st Jun 2009